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In 2005, 1 Impression 2 Remember was created to market both her freelance work and fine art photography.  As a freelance photographer, she enjoys making people look their best, capturing families having fun together, and preserving memories for the bride and groom on their special day. As a fine art photographer, she enjoys a good landscape, bird or flower, but nothing compares to mission trip photography when she has the opportunity to take someone’s picture for the first time in their life and then show them that they are beautiful.

Denise Myers has a love for kids and teaches Digital Photography at both Trinity Academy of Raleigh and as part of the Home School Enrichment Activities program at New Life Camp.

While trained as an Electrical Engineer and Project manager, Denise Myers has always been creative and has had a natural love for photography. She received her first simple camera from her Grandma while in junior high and couldn't put it down. Her next camera was a Canon AE1 she received for high school graduation. Several years ago, she branched into digital photography and has never looked back.